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Slice (Inktober 2018 – Day 31)

Wow! Here we are! Day 31 of Inktober! I made it (sure we’re on November 7th, not October 31st, but who cares?).

I didn’t think I would (I’ll probably write one more post on the topic to tell you about my impressions, feelings and all that).

Day 31 is Slice, and with that prompt, there is only one thing I could draw.

I wish I had finished this challenge with a better drawing, but the only slices I can think of are saucisson slices. You don’t understand how much one misses saucisson when you’re a Frenchman living far from Europe. And while the drawing feels unfinished, I don’t want to run the risk to destroy it when adding more strokes.

So, that will be it:



The end… for now…



Jolt (Inktober 2018 – Day 30)

For some reason, I had to draw a Pokémon sooner of later for this Inktober challenge. Today’s prompt, Jolt, was the perfect occasion (and seeing some drawings online, I’m not the only one who had the idea).

So here is my drawing of Jolteon for it (in three versions, I kinda like the second one better):






Double (Inktober 2018 – Day 29)


For today’s Inktober prompt, Double, I tried something new. Instead of drawing from a picture or another drawing (or sometimes from my own imagination – those are the bad drawings), I drew from an actual object:



In case you’re wondering, it’s a metal puzzle from Hanayama and they’re pretty awesome (I may talk about them in more detail one day).

Of course, choosing a shiny object maybe wasn’t the best choice, but as you can see, I didn’t bother myself too much with reflections.

I kinda like the pencil sktech better than the finished drawing, so I’m sharing both with you:



Gift (Inktober 2018 – Day 28)

Gift is day 28’s prompt of Inktober this year and since the first time I saw that, I knew that I wanted to draw le Schtroumpf Farceur (Google is telling me that he’s called the Jokey Smurf in English).

However, after a couple of attempts, my smurf looked pretty ugly and not something I could publish. I was a bit sad, I’d probably have to change my subject for this entry, when I stumbled upon this video :

Just what I needed.

Was I going to be able to follow the instructions successfully?

Well, what do you think?



I gotta admit that I really surprised myself, I didn’t think I was able to reproduce the drawing of a smurf so accurately!

Yes, I’m patting myself in the back a little, but I deserve it, don’t I? 😉




Stretch (Inktober 2018 – Day 26)


For the past few days of Inktober, I haven’t really been inspired by the prompts. Today is different. From the moment I had decided to take part in this “experiment” to try drawing 31 pieces from just one word, I knew that I wanted to draw Mr Fantastic for Stretch!

At first I wasn’t sure what source I was going to take, but very soon, I realize that it had to be from one source and one source only. That is Jack Kirby of course!

And here is the result:



As many of the drawings that I made this month, it’s both quite bad and much better than I was expecting at the same time.

I hope Mr Kirby wouldn’t be horrified if he saw this.

I’m a bit sad that the head is so badly drawn, because the rest of the body (if you ignore the left shoulder) is almost OK really.

Also, because this challenge is all about inking, I always found very interesting how Jack Kirby inked his drawings, with those big shadows on legs, arms, or even side of faces.

Ok, that’s all for today. Now, I’m wondering what I’ll do for tomorrow. I can’t really draw Thor, can I?



Prickly (Inktober 2018 – Day 25)


My lack of inspiration for Inktober is not going anywhere these days, so for Prickly, the only thing that came to mind was… a prickly pear (and a cactus or a hedgehog too, but I went for the prickly pear).

The drawing isn’t too bad, but it feels like it needs more, don’t you think?



Truth is that after scanning it, I tried to add color, but in the process I pretty much destroyed the original drawing. So this prickly pear will feel unfinished til the end of times (or of this site)



Chop (Inktober 2018 – Day 24)


The end of this Inktober is not going too well.

When I started, I didn’t know what to expect and what I was getting myself into. Then, as the number of drawings increased, I surprised myself a few times and noticed some progress in my ability to draw.

However, lately, the prompt haven’t inspired me much and coupled with a certain lack of time, the results are more and more disappointing.

Today is a perfect example with Chop.

First, I just wasn’t inspired by the word. What do draw? Some pork chops? Machop, the Pokémon? Someone chopping some wood with an axe. I kinda decided for the latter, but I couldn’t draw anything satisfying and in the little amount of time I had for it (a log is much harder to draw than you’d expect).

So, I switched to mutton chops, but at that point, I was just too tired and didn’t have enough time for even trying to draw something good.

So here is my entry for Day 24:



Let’s move on to day 25, shall we?



Muddy (Inktober 2018 – Day 23)


Day 23’s prompt of Inktober is Muddy.

It inspired me a little more than the previous day’s (or the next one’s), but as I’m now a few days behind, I had to rush to finish the drawing so that I could post it before the end of the day.

I’m not completely satisfied by it and think it could have been much better.

Oh well…



And if you have the feeling that you have seen this creature before, it’s because you have.

This is by no means an origina drawing. It’s a reproduction of Kawa no Kami (the River Spirit) from Spirited Away before it gets its much needed bath.




Expensive (Inktober 2018 – Day 22)


Told you I was not going to be able to keep the pace for the whole month.

So, not only I’m a few days late, because – you know – life happens, but also, I’m quite uninspired by the prompts this week of Inktober.

Day 22 is Expensive, and seriously, I just didn’t know what to draw for the longest time. Something expensive? What? How? Really not that interesting.

So I only could come up with this (and the prompt should be “too expensive” or “overpriced”):