There are a few more websites and blogs that I have a hand in managing.

Here is a list :

  • Ask a Frenchman: The original Ask a Frenchman site. I’m slowly moving all of its contents on the category of the same name in David + World, but while it’s not updated anymore, it still has most of the content (eventually, I will close it when everything has been moved, but seeing how fast I’m doing this, you still have plenty of time).
  • Bricks + World: Becoming a father did a few things to me. One of them is making me fall into Lego well into adulthood, when ironically, I never cared that much for them as a kid. On this blog, I mostly post pictures and attempts to “play” with Lego (cartoons and such). If you only check out one page, may I advise this one?
  • Hana + World: I’m not sure why you’d care for this one (and I’m not sure why I’m sharing it here), but this site is basically an archive of my daughter’s art for when she’s older. (texts are in French)
  • Shikoku no Tsuki: This is really my wife’s blog, but she basically takes the pictures or does the drawings and I do all the rest. These days, she mostly posts the bento that she cooks for our daughter.  (texts are in French)
  • Medium: I recently remembered that I have a Medium account, so I decided to put it to good use. I post here the things that don’t really fit anywhere else (warning, some content will be in French). I used to put these kinds of posts on my David + World blog, but apparently, some people don’t like when one mixes things up, as I lose subscribers every time I post something off-topic (and honestly I understand, I don’t like that either as a reader).
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