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Clock (Inktober 2018 – Day 14)


For today’s Inktober drawing, titled Clock, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to draw quite quickly, but it turned out to be more difficult than expected, especially when drawing without tools (no ruler, nor drafting compasses).

This is what my first attempt looked like:


Yeah, could be better, much better.

After giving it a few more thoughts and a few attempts, I finally settled down for a look that is much closer to the “real” thing, and all in all, I like it.

I thought about trying to give it more volume or more shading, but I had no time to mess it up and draw it again.



And now, we’re hitting a new hurdle in my Inktober challenge. See, most of these drawings were done early September, when I had plenty of time to do them. I haven’t really done any new ones since, although, some I’ve redone or inked on the day I posted them (including today’s).

Tomorrow’s will be my last drawing that’s ready in advance. Which means that either I need to draw a bunch in the next couple of days, or I’ll have to draw one every day, and I’m afraid this is a bit unrealistic.

Also, I have to admit that I find the prompts for the second half of the month much less inspiring than the first half.

So we’ll see. Will I succeed posting every day for the next 17 days? Will I have to skip some days? Will I spread my posting into November?




Guarded (Inktober 2018 – Day 13)


I wasn’t too sure what to do with today’s Inktober prompt, Guarded. So, I did what I do every time I’m not too sure what to draw (or every time I need a model to draw it), I asked Google Images for help. In other words the idea is not mine.

The first “finished” drawing looked like this:


However, it didn’t feel “finished” (not mentioning that I had forgotten to erase the pencil before scanning).

I started to add shade, but I messed it up, so it became a black background instead.


Interesting how this black background kinda gives volume to the drawing.

I guess that’s one of the good things with Inktober. Doing this “challenge”, I’m actually learning new things about drawing, and maybe even improving a little.

Tomorrow may be problematic though. I really like the idea I had, but not the final result, and I’m not sure I’ll have the time to redo it. We’ll see…



Whale (Inktober 2018 – Day 12)


I’m not conservative, far from it, but I also don’t like change for the sake of change.

I’ve been drawing whales more or less like this since I was a little boy, I don’t see a reason to change that, not even for Inktober! 😉



Flowing (Inktober 2018 – Day Ten)


I wasn’t too inspired by today’s Inktober prompt: Flowing. So, I went the more or less abstract route.

The result is actually much better and more interesting than I was expecting.





Precious (Inktober 2018 – Day Nine)


I alluded to it yesterday, but sometimes I wish Inktober was called Pencilctober.

I know there are no rules and all that, but still, I guess using ink is part of the deal.

See, for today, Precious, I made a drawing I was kinda proud of (something that doesn’t often happen), but I kinda screwed it up when inking it.

Let me show you:


See, this is the original drawing in pencil, and it probably is the best one I’ve done in years. Not great, still nowhere near the level of a “actual good drawing”, but at least it was something I was somewhat proud of.

Then, came the inking. First step is just tracing the pencil, so nothing too special (actually both drawings are so similar that I’m wondering whether I didn’t make a mistake and those two scans are both of the same stage of the drawing?):


Then, the difficult part started. The drawing was supposed to be dark, not light.

I mean, I like “light” drawings for a few reasons. Oe of them is that I’m afraid to mess them up if I darken them.

And this is what happened during the next stage. I’m talking about the hand here:



After that I was really scared to actually blacken the background. Nonetheless, I tried:




Actually, the black background kinda salvages the hand a little bit, but now the drawing looks unfinished (because it is) as I’m too afraid to touch the face. It should also be darker, it looks too white there. But there is no way I touch anything more to that drawing.





★ Star (Inktober 2018 – Day Eight)


Today’s Inktober prompt is Star.

At first, I just drew a star. A “realistic” one. By that I mean, I drew one the way they usually look from pictures taken by telescopes.

I wasn’t too happy with it. I needed something else.

Then, I thought about drawing the Death Star, but I lacked the time, and I’m still not sure how to do a decent “dark” drawing (at least with a dark background). The problem will come back into play again as soon as tomorrow, you’ll see.

Then, this crossed my mind. It’s not my design, so I’m giving credit where credit is due, that is to artist and designer Jonathan Barnbrook. Apart from that I’m in a mysterious mood and I won’t tell you what this is if you don’t already know. There are enough clues in this post to find out.

The challenge for this drawing was to manage to draw it without a ruler nor drafting compasses.

This is what it looked at first:


And the final result:



Exhausted (Inktober 2018 – Day Seven)


Just one drawing today, I didn’t have time to try to do it again.

You can call that some sort of self-portrait, although, just like most drawings, I just googled the keyword – today Exhausted – and see what picture inspired me in the results.

As a small bonus, when I decided to do Inktober a few weeks ago, I had planned to do most of my drawings if not all with stick men. It turned out that the prompts didn’t really work with stick men for most of them (unless I was more talented), but for this one, I could, so as a bonus, the stick man version of “exhausted”).



Oh, I realize that I forgot to erase the pencil marks before scanning the drawing. Oh well…




Drooling (Inktober 2018 – Day Six)


Today for Inktober‘s Drooling, only one drawing, and not much to say about it really…
Oh yes, it was inspired by not one but two Pokémon. Can you guess which ones?