About Me

If you got to this point, you already know that my name is David Billa.

If you want to know a little more, here are a few facts:

  • I’m French.
  • I’m in my forties.
  • I live in Takamatsu, Japan.
  • My main online activity is to blog. It is by no means the most important part of my life, but a lot of what I do online revolves around it. You can find links to my main blogs on the front page of the site.
  • My interests also include in no particular order (actually the alphabetical one) art, cinema, foreign cultures, history, languages, literature, nature, politics, and a few more
  • I grew up in Agen, a small town in the French South-West, went to college in Bordeaux and then Toulouse.
  • I spent seven years in the United States, in Morgantown (West Virginia) and Gainesville (Florida), where I got a Master’s degree, learned how to become a teacher and a foreigner, didn’t finish my doctorate degree.
  • Upon returning to France, I spent a few years in Paris. I do not recommend it, but I shouldn’t be ungrateful with the city as this is where I met my wife.
  • She happens to be from Japan and from an area that quickly became one of my favorite places in the world.
  • The Seto Inland Sea region has now been my home for a few years.
  • I teach English here.
  • I also raise two wonderful little kids.
  • Of course, there’s more about me than just these few lines. If you care to know more, I can invite you to read my different blogs where I share the other things I deem sharing publicly.